Advanced Channel Management

Revolutionise the way you connect with your channels

Easily manage all your product data along with marketplace and eCommerce connections in one unified platform

How does it work?

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Explore our range of prebuilt ERP, eCommerce and Marketplace connectors.

Connect your Source platform to eCommify. This could be an ERP or eCommerce platform, wherever all your product and order data is stored currently. If we don’t have an existing connector, we can quickly build one out for you!

Once your product attributes, categories and inventory has been imported to eCommify from your connected Source,  you can setup your Product Groups, Promotions and begin enhancing your product data if needed.

Configure your connection to any of the prebuilt Channels. Here you can control which fields sync, any transformation of those fields, including with advanced formulas and rules. Not seeing a Channel you need? We can build the connector for you!

Advanced Features

Drive more sales,
analyze performance

Tools designed to help eCommerce first businesses easily sell across multiple marketplaces and even internal eCommerce sites

  • Promotions Management
  • Unlimited Pricing Groups
  • Unlimited Product Attributes
  • Image Resizing
  • Custom Source Connections
  • Advanced Formulas & Rules
  • Advanced Product Filtering
  • Advanced Data Syncing
  • Custom Product Views
  • Custom Channel Connections
Seamless Source Integration

Integrate effortlessly with your ERP or eCommerce platform

Simply connect your Source platform to eCommify. This is where we will import all of your existing product data. We will also sync orders placed via any Channel back here for fulfilment.

Don't see your Source? We can easily build out a connection! 

Seamless Channel Connection

Connect to you marketplaces or eCommerce Channels

Sync your product data directly to any of your connected channels. Dynamically control Promotions, Product Attributes, Formulas & Rules depending on the Channel requirement. 

Don't see a Channel? We can easily build the connection for you!

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